Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're back!

Mum's back from Quebec City. And she had quite the surprise waiting for her back home. Our little 7 week old kitten is a boy not a girl! How the V-E-T thought otherwise... I'm not sure. So now we're re thinking the name all over again. Simba no longer hisses at him... but she isn't head over heels about him either. It's getting better though.

This week the kitten is going to his first V-E-T appointment. He will be getting his first sets of vaccinations.
The Animal Health Clinic is also doing it for free since I adopted him from them.

Some gifts from mum..


  1. Peut-etre, Fasa, comme Mufassa.
    Mack and Sally Ann

  2. Aaagghh! The kitten flops and motor had me completely charmed, and then the yawn at the end pushed me right over the edge.