Saturday, September 12, 2009

Harold wakes up with us then eats then gets really hyper then goes for a nap. This goes on all day and we love it. He's starting to play with Simba, he seems to think her tale is a toy. He loves to run after her and jump on her and basically annoy her to no end. Simba doesn't love this but she isn't hissing either. She isn't playing back but she will swat Harold when she has had enough.

We're a bit worried because she is being anti-social with us. She doesn't come and lay with us on the couch anymore and she isn't sleeping with us at night either. The only time she comes near either of us is in the morning when she's waiting for her soft food. Only then will she come us to us and brush agaisnt our legs and purr and meow.
We don't know how to make her more like her old self.


  1. Hi this is Mack,
    When my cousin Betty came, cousin Bob started acted very differently. It took him a couple months to calm down.

  2. Those are super cute pictures of Harold.

    In regards to Simba and her anti social behaviour towards you. It will get better with time. When we introduced Charlie and Lola to our family our older cat moved out for around three weeks. Now everything is back to normal. It jst takes time for everyone to get used to the new set up.

  3. We advise patience... we all had to get used to each other after our humans adopted us, and we didn't get along at first, but we do fine now.

    Harold is such an adorable little guy!

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