Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know it's only the second day but things are not getting better. Simba is just a bundle of nerves. As soon as the kitten comes near her she gets really tense and then hisses until the kitten goes away. Simba is being really anti social and not eating a lot even when I give her soft food.


  1. It'll take a while, believe me. But you're doing well, and it's good that Simba is hissing and being a brat, he's just showing the kitten who's who and teaching socialization rules. Soon enough they'll be best buds!

  2. It takes time. It took around 3-4 weeks for our eldest cat to get to grips with the fact the kittens were staying!

  3. Did you try keeping them separated for a few days? That way, your older cat has a chance to get used to the smell of the baby before having her territory invaded. But, it's true. I does take time, either way.